Only watch this video if you believe in synchronicity and divine timing !
January 12th, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ
Learn how to turn your HEART PASSION, DREAM, SIDE-HUSTLE,
into the abundance that was always meant for you!
 This private and exclusive 1-Day hands-on experience is reserved for SERIOUS DOERS ONLY who are ready to:
  •  Join A Tribe Of Powerhouses
  •  Tap Into Your Calling To Open The Door To Abundance
  •  Attract Money Unlike You've Ever Experienced
All because you are doing the work of your soul and the universe is on your side...

Rather than leaving with a temporary high and a bunch of notes, you will be taking inspired, soul-conscious action LIVE, and have your entire 6-figure soul-business plan mapped out and ready to go after a big day of 'doing!'
If 2018 didn't fully manifest the way you desired, as in you're still soul-searching for...
  •  a solution to up-level & manifest your dreams into a joy-filled life of abundance
  •  a solution to finally release your genius and manifest money to be able to serve the world in a deep, meaningful, life-changing way
Then the NOW IS YOUR TIME Live Workshop is coming at a divine time for you.
The solutions and framework that you will be applying LIVE at the Now Is Your Time Doers & Dreamers Workshop has been responsible for numerous clients replacing their soul-sucking income with a joy-filled, 6-figure life-giving coaching business!

These methods, strategies, and action-steps have been embraced and converted to life-changing results by: 
Intuitive Healers
Conscious Bad-Asses
Boho-Hippie Lovers
Adventurous Souls
If you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck and want in on this kind of soul-magic, then commit to saying "YES" to set aside intentional time at the beginning of 2019 to TAKE ACTION, unleash YOUR GENIUS, and show up for YOU!
This isn't just another workshop.

This is an intentional, hands-on, take action
& make sh*t happen intensive!
  •  I'm busting my A, doing a lot of work and following all the "secrets, tips and tricks" from leaders in the industry, but NOTHING IS HAPPENING and I don’t know why 
  •  I'm so FED UP with just barely getting by each month, and being SO afraid of my account going into the negative
  •  I've been working towards money goals that haven’t appeared yet 
  •  I'm sick of saying “no” YEAR AFTER YEAR to going on the dream trips I've had on my bucket list for forever 
  •  I know I'm settling for less and that I'm meant for MORE... 
  •  I have dreams of writing a book or speaking on a stage, but no idea how to make that happen
  •  I'm fed up with waiting for the moment to come when everything finally clicks
  •  I have BIG VISION for my life but I don’t know what to do or the steps to take to manifest or execute it
  •   I've put my dreams, desires, gifts and passions on the back burner for TOO LONG and I'm finally READY to say, “F*CK IT - it’s NOW OR NEVER!”
If any of this screams “OMG, you get me”, then NOW IS YOUR TIME….
To say yes to releasing your magic into the world.

So What Exactly Will We Be "Doing" Together?
You'll Walk Away With:
6-Figure Business Plan
The tailor-made, proven roadmap to manifesting the gift you have, into money you need, to live the life you’ve dreamed of, while impacting the world for good!
An Amazing Tribe
of powerhouses - because powerful breakthrough happens FAST when you’re surrounded by other serious, take-action magic-makers
How To Effectively Sell
(for heart-centered bad-asses who hear the word "sales" and want to vomit)
The proven method to conduct true, heart-centered, and EFFECTIVE sales, and sincerely serve with your gift and passion
Massive Clarity
Stop doing all the overwhelming things that aren't working, and have a clear plan on your next steps forward
A Lightness & Joy
We're going to identify, address and get rid of all the heavy and unnecessary things that have been keeping you stuck and holding you back
You DON'T Have To: 
  •  Have an existing business
  •  Have a following
  •  Be an established coach
However, You MUST:
  •  Have a dream or idea you are ready to make happen
  •  Be ready to move quickly
  •  Be ready to take action toward making your dream reality
From Every Other Workshop Out There?
100% Of My Tribe Has Achieved 
   Julia S., a heart-centered health coach, DOUBLED her monthly income from $5k (prior to working with Steph) to now averaging $11k per month
   Katie C., a spiritual money-mindset coach, Made $10.5k in first 30 days of working with Steph
  In her 1st month working with Steph, Erin S. secured 2 clients earning $3k
  Amanda B., a confidence and empowerment coach, left her first event with Steph with a new client AND landed another one the day she got home
  Stella T., a self-love unicorn, made $12.6k in a month and over $70k from November 2017-November 2018
I have a proven system (that I'm sharing with YOU at this workshop) to take your “passion project” or “side hustle” and turn it into a 6-figure, life-of-your dreams income!
Don't Just Take mY Word For It...
See What My Tribe Has To Say About Their Experience!
Since working with Steph, I have left my corporate job and have a thriving coaching business that is creating more income month after month. I have now matched my monthly corporate salary and in the next 6 months expect to match my corporate income ($90K). Now I get to completely design my days however I want, work with amazing women who want to change the world and completely follow my Soul's guidance. I am traveling a ton and am able to spend way more time with friends and family. I am able to make the difference in the world that I've always dreamt about (and that will only get bigger and bigger!) 
Aly Wilkins
Aly Wilkins Coaching LLC
The moment I realized Steph's system really works was literally last week when I signed my 3rd client up, I had the thought "Am I doing this? Does it get to be this easy?" I've always been taught that anything worth having has to be hard and there has to be struggle and you have to hate it a little bit to be successful, this has been the exact opposite. Yes, there has been some self development along the way, but this is my Soul's work and nothing has ever made more sense!
Shelby K.
Unbound Nurse Coaching
Before working with Steph, I was wanting to do more than just put out inspirational posts or be a network marketer but I wasn't really getting anywhere with actual clients. I didn't know what to do, what to charge, how to start, or if I even could. Now, I have a full time business in coaching and see the possibility of making more money than in my corporate job while doing something that fulfills my heart and allows me to work with people I love. I didn't really see that possibility before. I no longer think of quitting even though I still go through the ups and downs. I no longer think that network marketing is the only way out of the corporate world! 
Diana T.
Diana Tulumba CTNC
I didn't have a lot of money saved up prior to quitting my full-time job, so there wasn't much of a cushion. I had so much noise that I had been "irresponsible". I was feeling a lot of pressure, especially in my own head, to figure things out quickly, otherwise I had to find another corporate job. I was really scared of running out of money, and not being able to pay my bills. I was really nervous that I didn't know enough, and wasn't "ready" to have my own business. 

After Steph's program, I'm now SUPER grateful for the life I have today. I run three group programs with clients I love. I held multiple retreats in the past year. I'm able to travel and buy things that light my soul up, because I feel truly supported by my business. And I think the biggest thing is I KNOW I'm making an impact. My clients' results light me up so much, because it's amazing to see that it's possible to do work you love and truly make a difference. That's something I'd been wanting to prove for years, and I'm really proud to be a walking example of it. 
Sarah K.
Sarah Kleiner LLC
JANUARY 12TH, 2019
8:00 AM — 5:00 PM
Phoenix, AZ
Warehouse 215 at Bentley Projects
215 East Grant Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Fearless Leader - Steph Gold
Founder, CEO of Steph Gold Life Coach, LLC
Steph started her coaching business in 2011 to empower individuals to create a life of joy through fulfilling their purpose. She is on a mission to positively impact thousands of individuals worldwide by guiding them to a life filled with freedom, fulfillment, joy and purpose.
Alexa Martinez
Alexa is a sex and relationship-by-design coach and mentor on a mission to reform sex education and sexuality expression across the globe. She is from the deep south of Louisiana and if anyone knows how to bust through taboos regarding sex, it’s her. She is the founder of The Violet Butterfly & The Kaleidoscope, a blog, brand, podcast and community with love, sex & relationships as the central focus. Alexa also speaks internationally on the same subjects.
Mystic Misfits
 Kevin Oroszlá, Jordan Maurice Bowditch, & Ryan Bowditch are the Mystic Misfit brothers - a lifestyle brand building conscious community through Connection, Purpose, & Freedom. They lead creatives & (r)evolutionaries in experiential events. Mystic Misfit represents an ideal. Something so lofty it may never be reached. Yet so awesome you can't help but strive for it. An elevated existence. Life filled with love, excitement, passion, compassion, community, and everything in between.
Lance Stukaloff
Lance Stukaloff was born into an isolated New Age spiritual community in rural Montana. Through this unique upbringing, his subsequent challenges integrating with society, school at an elite university, and starting his own businesses, Lance has developed a unique, vast perspective on the world and consciousness. Having experienced the depths of fear-based, scarcity consciousness - poverty, addiction, ADD, a near-death experience, and suicidal depression, Lance now helps others to dissolve their fears and cultivate a level of consciousness centered on abundance, mindful presence, and holistic health.
Tyson & Raya
Lovers, songwriters, and flow catalysts, Tyson and Raya aspire to be like a traveling music festival. Like a great festival, they inspire musicality, creative self-expression, movement, play, love and community in everyone they connect with. You might find them in a freestyle musical jam session, writing lyrics together, proudly publicly displaying their affection or engaging in radical experiments in communication and relationship design.
Joel spent the first 7 years of his early adult life addicted to heroin, Methamphetamines, and alcohol. After losing his best friend to a heroin overdose, and becoming a new father, he decided to make health and fitness his new addictions. Fast forward to several years later - Joel now has thriving careers both practicing medicine, and coaching clients to optimal states of health and wellness - 
 here for the purpose of healing others.
Sarah Kleiner
Sarah works with women who are starting to build a business, helping them get clear on what their soul is here to do, how to talk about it, and attracting their first clients! She combines a marketing and PR background with a spiritual take on it all, so the work combines inner work and deep healing along with tangible strategies around how to put your ideas and business out into the world.
Aly Wilkins
Aly is a spiritual life design + business coach for women who want to create their dream life. As an money manifesting expert, she loves incorporating the practical and magical into all of her coaching techniques. Aly now excited to bring MONEY GODDESS work into her coaching so her clients can improve their financial situations while they build their dream lives.
A Personal Note From Steph
From The Desk Of Steph Gold
Scottsdale, AZ
Dear BadAss, Audacious Dreamer,
Are you tired of living a life that's no longer serving you?
My Tribe and I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You LIVE on YOUR Business To Help You Design Your Roadmap to 6-Figures In 2019 - plus the freedom and space you desire!
And I know you've probably heard this "6-Figure" business plan rhetoric before, so I understand why you may be skeptical. 

Our industry has become so saturated with empty promises, false hope, and blatant lies. 

So how is this event and my system different than the others? 

Because I pride myself on 100 percent client success, I don’t take more than 30 clients a year, and lately I have realized it is going to take a powerful event to get this message out to more people who can truly transform on a cellular level. 

In order to move forward, it's going to take a radical change and shift because so many of you, the light workers of our world, are continuing to do the things that aren’t getting you the results you desire, or taking you to where you want to go. 

Because the information you're being fed and are paying for is no longer working. 

I know this because 2 years ago I was stuck in this same cycle. Once I uncovered this system everything shifted.
Once it worked for me, I shared my system with my clients and after seeing my client’s lives completely transform over the last 2 years, I can no longer keep this secret to myself. 

The world needs your light.. And that’s why I have created this event.

But, can I be honest with you?

Preparing for and hosting a live event is a LOT of work. Which is why it's likely I won't be hosting another event like this any time soon (or maybe even EVER).

If you want to...you'll find a million reasons not to go. 

I've done this work long enough to know - as time goes on it doesn't get easier to answer the tap that is on your soul. In fact, the whispers from the universe become louder. 

Instead more resistance kicks in and the universe asks "How badly do you want it?" 

The people who will be at the event will have stepped up and answered the calling...

I hope that YOU are one of those people!

Your future is up to you..now is the time to make the choice. 

All I can do is promise that the "Now Is Your Time" workshop will be what makes 2019 a game changer for those who commit to themselves and their vision and get their bootys to Arizona.

I hope to see you there.
xo, Steph
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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